Rhode Island Solicits Proposals for Blockchain Solutions in Governmen…

The Rhode Island Department of Administration/Division of Purchase in the United States has issued a public solicitation for blockchain solutions via proof-of-concept proposals, according to official documentation published on May 31.

The department is particularly seeking proposals from “qualified firms” that aim to “further the State’s goal of becoming more efficient, transparent, accurate, secure and business-friendly.” The deadline for submissions is set for June 21.


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River Valley Businesses Clean Up After Historic Flood | Fort Smith/Fa…

RIVER VALLEY (KFSM) — Businesses in the River Valley have been busy cleaning up after the ruin caused by historic flooding.

Staff at Eastside Liquor have been working for days to clear up the mess the flood left behind.

“We spent the last three days filling up dumpsters with alcohol that we had to have escorted to the dump by the ADC….

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Adjusted pot rule would relax residency requirements for marijuana co…

New marijuana regulations approved by a state legislative committee Thursday would relax residency requirements intended to prevent out-of-state investors from controlling Maine marijuana companies.

Under the amended rules, Mainers who have lived in the state for at least four years would still have to claim at least 51 percent ownership of a cannabis company to qualify for a state recreational marijuana license. The committee took out language that would have limited out-of-state control…

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Church of England Sees Green, Explores Investing in Cannabis

The Church of England, the largest and most influential religious organization in Great Britain, announced this week that it will lift a longstanding prohibition on medical cannabis in order to explore investing in the fast-growing and potentially stupendously profitable industry.

The organization’s Church Commissioners are responsible for managing the church’s £8.3 billion in assets—an investment portfolio that includes real estate, cash, and stakes in a variety of companies…

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Legalising marijuana would pack billions into Budget cone

By Leith van Onselen

MB has argued repeatedly in favour of legalising marijuana on the following grounds:

  • It would bring marijuana into line with alcohol and tobacco, which are both legal and regulated despite being more dangerous to health;
  • It would guarantee purity of supply;
  • It would reduce profits to organised crime; and
  • It would provide a useful revenue stream for the government.

Regarding the last point, after the US state of Colorado legalised marijuana in 2014, the…

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Taos dispensary manager talks the future of medical cannabis

The recent expansion of medical conditions that can qualify state residents for a cannabis prescription and the increase of plants dispensaries can legally grow – from 450 to 2,500 – have major implications for businesses on the cusp of a growing industry that is still in its nascent stage here in New Mexico.

To get a sense of what state dispensaries are doing to adapt to those changes, The Taos News visited this week with Maria Fernandez at New…

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Now what? Decriminalizing marijuana not as simple as it might appear

Now that the city of Cincinnati has removed penalties for low-level pot possession, there are mounting questions about whether citizens will truly be penalty-free.Police Chief Eliot Isaac is awaiting clarity about the new law from the city’s legal team. He and his officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution, local law and state law.What Cincinnati just approved and what Ohio law restricts may soon be in conflict.The new marijuana ordinance takes effect within city limits in about…

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Tech for Cannabis Equity? Entrepreneur Dr. Kortney Ziegler is Buildin…

The wild west that is the legal recreational marijuana industry is continuously taking shape, and Ziegler sees how important it is for traditionally marginalized folks to stay up to speed on changes in the industry. This is especially crucial in light of the negative impact the war on drugs had, and continues to have, on African American communities—where people are over-policed and over-prosecuted, a point Michelle Alexander explores in The New Jim Crow.

“Black folks and other folks of…

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Budtender Jobs Guide: How To Become A Budtender

The budtender is the hand that feeds.

While it’s considered an entry-level position (the median salary for a budtender in the United States was $32,000 per year in 2018), the budtender is a critical role in the cannabis ecosystem. Many people who work today as managers, cultivators, producers, or even in C-suite positions, started in budtender roles.

If you want to be a part of the weed industry, becoming a budtender is a great way to get your foot in the door. The…

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